Access to information

The Coalition seeks transparency from the AfDB, information about projects and a consultation process that includes CSOs.

Safeguards Review

The safeguards review is an important opportunity to protect people and the environment.

Sustainable Energy

We support cleaner energy options that are also responsive to the needs of the poor.


About the Coalition

The Civil Society Coalition on the African Development Bank is an African-led network of civil society organizations that advocates for greater accountability, transparency and sustainability in the operation of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the projects that it finances. Find out more.


What is the AfDB?

Find out what you need to know about the African Development Bank. We answer key questions about the AfDB’s role in Africa’s development, its structure and lending practices. Read about it here.


Our Members

The Coalition is an African-led network of CSOs with members drawn from all parts of Africa and around the world. Its membership is diverse, representing the full spectrum of civil society, including labour activists, human rights defenders, environmentalists, freedom of information experts, and more. See who we are.


Problem Projects

The Coalition helps groups affected by AfDB-financed projects to assess potential problems, and provides advocacy support to engage with various project stakeholders. We have also supported our member organizations in the development of case studies on problematic AfDB projects. Read more.

The Coalition is funded by private foundations, and is not affiliated with or funded by the African Development Bank.

The Civil Society Coalition on the AfDB

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Coalition argues for stronger accountability

The Coalition has submitted extensive comments on the ongoing review of the AfDB's accountability mechanism, the Independent Review Mechanism. Find out more.